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To The Attention of SAT Test Takers

To the attention of SAT test takers

Dear SAT TEST takers,

You have to show your HES codes via smart phones.
How to get HES Code?
There are three ways:

  • via Hayat Eve Sığar App (IOS and Android),
  • via SMS to 2023;
    • Write HES and National ID Number, last four digits of National ID serial code and days of sharing (number of days), respectively and with spaces between asked information) and send SMS to 2023,
    • Persons who have Turkish Republic Blue Card ID or whose Turkish Republic identification number starts with 97, 98, 99: Type HES, your Turkish Republic identification number, year of birth, and sharing time (in days). Leave a space between each item. Send an SMS to 2023.
    • Persons who do not have a Turkish Republic or foreign identification number starting with 97, 98, 99: Type HES, your nationality, passport serial number, year of birth, and last name. Leave a space between each item. Send an SMS to 2023.
  • via e-Government,
    • By clicking here on e-Government,
    • Transactions of HES Code via e-Government: You can perform producing, deleting, querying and viewing details.
    • You can create a HES code for your children under the age of 18 via e-Government.

Besides, For foreign nationals with no domestic GSM number, HES Code can be received with passport information by sending an SMS to +90555 944 3821 including HES, nationality, passport serial number, year of birth and surname, respectively and with interspaces.
You can obtain a HES code by SMS for your children under the age of 18. Studies are carried out to create HES code for your children through “Hayat Eve Sığar” application and e-Government and will be available soon.
For more info:

On test day do not forget to bring;

Test takers with Temporary Identification cards are NOT accepted. Do NOT insist.
For details you may check

  • All test takers will be required to wear masks upon entering the campus and during the entire test. Masks will not be provided to test takers. All test takers will be required to maintain a proper social distancing guideline of 6 feet apart.
  • Test takers will be dismissed and scores will be canceled if they remove their mask and refuse to put it back on.
  • The SAT Tests are taking place in the High School Building.

          You may follow the directional signs once you arrive on the campus.

  • For registration you have to be at the exam venue latest 7:30 AM on test day, Saturday morning.
  • On arrival you need to find your exam room first. To do this, you need to check the Attendance Lists. Attendance lists will be posted on the announcement wall. (High School building entrance, next to the information desk).
  • After finding your exam room, you have to check in at the registration desk.
  • There will be directional signs as well as staff to help you find your way to your test room.
  • At 8:00 AM the proctors will start reading the instructions.
  • The SAT Tests start at 8:30 AM.
  • Test takers who arrive later than 8:15 AM will NOT be accepted into the test room.
  • The SAT Test finishes at about 12:30 PM.


  • What to expect on test day
  • Phone and Electronic Devices
  • Security Measures
  • Test Day Check List

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